Guatemala Fair Trade Coffee with Handmade Coffee Bag

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Guatemala Fair Trade Coffee with Handmade Coffee Bag
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Because of our partnership with Cafe Campesino, we can offer you two of the best exports from Guatemala combined! This fair trade, organic coffee has a sweet, somewhat nutty character, and is smooth-bodied with a pleasant acidity and citrus undertones. Supplied by our trading partners in Guatemala, we roast it as a Full City roast. Available in a variety of grind options. After packaging the coffee, we add it to the beautiful hand made coffee bag from Guatemala. This bag could be used to put coffee or simply as a ditty bag to put what ever you would like in it. It's centered with a beautiful Guatemalan symbol and striped vertically with the combination of two colors. Measurements are 6.5 x 9.5 inches. The bag is hand made by the women of the Chajul association in Guatemala by back-strap loom weaving and hand embroidery.