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Braided Guatemalan Bag

from $54.95
This is the perfect bag for school supplies, travel bag, or purse. It consist of a braided holding and a pom pom on each bottom side. It's combined with Guatemalan colors and patterns. Measurements are 15.5 x 13.0 inches. The side is 1.5 inches, however...

Clutch Bag Pink

This weaved bag is perfect to hold few necessities and is designed to be carried by hand. It consists of a nice fold on the top front, vertically lined colors on the back, and a traditional Guatemalan key chain on the right side of bag. Measurements are...
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Folding Bag - T16

This bag could be used as a  shopping bag. It has good space to put whatever you like. Each side has two pom poms that can be tied together to reduce size of the bag, or leave them hanging as a nice Guatemalan design. It also consists of a beautiful...
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Personal Bag Black with Zipper

from $29.95
This small bag is great as a purse or for supplies like cosmetics or toiletries. It has a zipper top to keep items secure. Various embroideries on the front.

Shopping Bag

This bag could be used as a shopping bag, carrying it by the shoulder or simply by hand. This shopping bag has good space to place many things while shopping or traveling. Along the sides of this shopping bag is a beautiful row designed with Guatemalan...
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